We're All Friends Here

by High Top Society

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Recorded at Trench Recordings in Toronto and the Lowe Bro's Basement September 2013 and April 2014. Mixed, produced and engineered by Ryan Lowe and Mastered by Mat Keselman.


released December 25, 2014

All lyrics were written by James Shaw except for Let's Get Weird was written by James Shaw and Ryan Lowe.

Music for All Girls Ask That, Wise Wizard and Let's Get Weird were composed by Ryan Lowe.

Music for Day-O was written by James Shaw and Ryan Lowe.

Music for Veggie Bill was written by James Shaw, Ryan Lowe & Matt Lowe.

Additional tracking on the recordings were:
Organs: Ryan Lowe
Tambourine & Vibra-Slap: Matt Lowe
Gang Vocals: High Top Society

Mixed, produced and engineered by Ryan Lowe
Mastered by Mat Keselman

Album Artwork by James Shaw

High Top Society is:

James Shaw: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Ryan Lowe: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Matt Lowe: Drums
Shaun Lloyd: Bass & Vocals



all rights reserved


High Top Society Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Wise Wizard
Cool spring night as I walk down to the dock
My place to go under the stars to collect my thoughts
Fish splashing water, whitecaps hit the shore
I open my mind and those thoughts start to pour
Question about right or wrong, what’s it all about?
The life we live, what’s the point? Out loud I shout
Had it figured out before, where’d it all go?
Answers at my fingertips, now shouts turn to moan

Look a little harder and you’ll see what you need
Listen a little better and you’ll hear what truth brings

Then a star drops, double take in disbelief
Falls fast from the sky, stops right in front of me
Star takes shape, a man, white hair and beard
Guardian angel or god? The question I didn’t fear
Blue eyes of wisdom, infinite age, his lips then move
Until I opened up the word I couldn’t hear
Answers to my questions, He hit the pipe he smokes
Wise wizard toke and this is what he spoke

It all makes sense now, you’ve given me my clarity
Thank you wise wizard, I mean it with sincerity
You can’t tell anyone, this is only right for you
Everyone else has the paths they have to choose
Eyes now open please tell me who you are
I am your higher self, those answers were not far
Chills up my spine as he vanished from my sight
Track Name: Let's Get Weird
I’m gonna drink anything that gets me drunk
I’m gonna smoke, it makes the night more fun
When the night is done and the morning comes
You’ll find me on linoleum, the lowest bunk

But between now and then we’ll gather friend
Pound our brews, let’s all get loose
Then we’ll cheer

Let’s get weird, with the rapscallion crew
Let’s get weird, drinking late night booze
Let’s get weird, we’re all friends here
Everybody raise your beers, let’s get weird

I’m gonna say anything that I want
Curse obscenities, it makes the night more fun
When I stumble fall, walk turns to crawl
I pray to the porcelain gods, this ship has sink

Since we didn’t learn our lesson from last night’s binge
We’ll go another round, break the door right off the fucking hinge
Track Name: Day-O
When daylight comes, I wanna go home

Cunning plans and crazy capers
PBR and Zig-Zag papers
Covert op. assemble the crew
Get belligerent, nothing better to do

Up all night on drinks of rum
When daylight comes, I wanna go home

Booze on breath and cheap perfume
Outdoor voices that fill the room
Become shot and hoarse, as we yell
Once returned, they’ll have some stories to tell
The night we hold till day-o
And we won’t let go till day-o

Drinks go down so damn smooth
When you’ve got it all, yet nothing to lose
Except alcohol induced mistakes
With a new sun, comes a clean slate
Track Name: Veggie Bill
Six feet tall, his brain just won’t click
One scruffy beard infested with ticks
He wouldn’t hurt you, no he would never try
Don’t be scared, he couldn’t hurt a fly
He’s walking with his friends on the streets of Port Perry
Walking with his friends, all imaginary
Begging for years, we all love him still
Known to all as Veggie Bill

Living the bum life, he don't want your pity
Living the bum life, drifting city to city
Living the bum life, no longer sane
Living the bum life, begging for change

Little roachy here, little roachy there
Could be lawn clippings, you know he doesn’t care
Sleeping in your shed, sleeping in your ditch
Bright and early a ride he’ll want to hitch
Force feed him meds, he’ll spit them right out
Can’t tame him, he just wants to shout
Screaming at signs, screaming at trees
Screaming at the sky and he’s screaming at me

Can’t you see? He was just like you and me
He could have been something great, but that’s just not the way it happened
It could have been all the drugs, acid, E, or cocaine hugs
But I just don't think that's what happened, I just don't think that's what happened
It was a lack of motivation, he didn’t want to lift a finger
Now in front of the liquor store is where he lingers
And I will not hold it against him, it was his own choice
To be a local bum, now I’m singing his song

Living the bum life, he’ll light a smoke for you
Living the bum life, he’ll smoke it for you too
Living the bum life, no longer sane
Living the bum life and he’s never gonna change
Track Name: All Girls Ask That
Bought her a pint of Guinness
She said, take another guess
I’m not good at this type of thing
But you have the finest

She asked, does that line ever work on any girls?
I asked, why? All girls ask that

I’m not a creep, I’m not a weirdo
Before you say no, come dance with me

Offered a cigarette
She said, no thanks I’ll pass
I do not mean to stare
But you have the finest

Shove my foot right in my mouth
So you and I can twist and shout
I should learn to shut my mouth
So you and I can twist
Twist and shout